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Cala Vadella Playa

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Location: In the small town of Cala Vadella, a 10-minute drive from San José
Facilities: sunbeds, umbrellas, restaurants, bars, shops, showers, lifegards, access for people with disabilities
Activities: pedalos, diving school
Size: 275 meters long, 30-70 meters wide

With breathtaking views that threw you around and down to the picturesque bay of Cala Vadella, surrounded by pine clad hills. Some hotels and apartments, very popular with families and couples, as well as a good selection of restaurants, bars and shops are the small town of Cala Vadella.



The big, wide beach of fine white sand slopes gently into shallow waters near the coast – good for fun and games with the children. Even in midsummer, there is always a place in this wide beach. The crystal clear water is perfekt for swimming and snorkeling.

The sheltered bay is a popular anchorage for private yachts and motor boats, who often gather there to watch the romantic sunset.

Facilities: A selection of restaurants, bars and shops are easily reached. Beach showers.

Directions: Reached by car or bus during the summer of San Jose and San Antonio. It is well signposted. There is an exclusive parking but is busy in high season so it is hard to get a spot.


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Playa de Cala Conta

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Location: A 15-minute drive from San Antonio
Facilities: Sunbeds, parasols, restaurants, bars, toilets, showers, lifeguards, access for people with disabilities
Activities: velomares
Size: 800 meters long, 15 to 30 feet wide

Cala Conta has fabulous views of the islands that dot the coastline here and beautiful turquoise waters, making it one of the best beaches on the island.

There are two stretches of sand around for a rocky coastline, the other by sand dunes. A third, small cove, used by naturists, is at the other end and is accessed by steps cut into the rock. No shade for cover-ups. Surface water is safe for children, while more experienced swimmers can point to the offshore island



The views from the beach in summer enjoy the incredible sunsets – so book yourself a table at one of the restaurants and enjoy one of natures greatest spectacles!

In high season the beach is very popular, so come either early in the morning or afternoon. In the vicinity of San Antonio Bay offers many different hotel options too choose from.

Facilities: The two main beaches are separated by a beach restaurant with fabulous views – on different nights DJs play to the spectacular sunsets. Public toilets are also found here (next).

Furthermore Round on the right side has 3 restaurants are easily accessible on foot.

Directions: Reached by car, bus or ferry in the summer months. The ferry departs regularly from the port of San Antonio and several hotels along the bay. The bus can be caught in the bus station of San Antonio or along the bay road. Parking is good, but can get crowded in summer.

The nearest beach of Cala Conta stations are San Antonio Bay and San Antonio, buses and ferries operate from both areas.


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tarida Creek in ibiza

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Location: In the small town of Cala Tarida, a 10-minute drive from San José, 15 minutes’ drive from San Antonio
Facilities: sunbeds, umbrellas, restaurants, bars, lifeguards
Activities: pedalos, diving school, volleyball
Size: 900 meters long, 25 meters wide

At Bay shelter in the small town of Cala Tarida, with the longest and widest of fine white sand on this side of the island beach. The clean and clear water on a sandy bottom are shallow to quite far to the right, deeper and rocky left. The colors of the sea here are truly magnificent, turquoise, azure and emerald green.



A selection of rocks forms affectionately tanning swim to a little lonely. No shade so take coverups. Very popular family beach with a clubhouse, which is highly recommended.
Facilities: Some fabulous beach bars and restaurants allow you to choose from a snack to a 3 course meal. Ferry boat to San Antonio.
Directions: Reached by car or ferry in the summer season, follow signposts from San Antonio or San José. The dedicated parking spaces.
Learn more about the small town of Cala Tarida.


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Ibiza island history

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Ibiza is the third largest island of the Balearic archipelago in terms of area. Ibiza forms with Formentera Ibiza and Formentera Islands. It was the name given by the Greeks, but it means “islands of pine trees”.

Located in the ancient Phoenician Sun Road, Ibiza is located in the western Mediterranean Sea and has an area of 572 square kilometers and 200 kilometers of coastline. The highest point of the island is Atalaiassa (475 meters) and around the island you can have a total of 48 islands.



The story begins in Ibiza 1600 years BC, although not referred chronologically before the year 654 when Carthage create Ibosim, today named Eivissa, capital of the island. It is Diodorus Siculus that provides the first reference in the text on the island: “… After being named prime Sardinia, the island was called Pitiusa, due to the amount of pines in it …”

After the Carthaginian time comes Roman domination. During this period of Ibiza Town is entitled Confederate. The following five centuries are called “Dark Ages”, due to the limited information given. The island was owned by the Barbarians and the Byzantine until 711 when the Arab land on the island and call it “Yebisah”.


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