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Beaches near San Antonio

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Beautiful beaches of Ibiza with clear, calm turquoise waters are what brings many tourists to the island every summer. Costa de Ibiza is composed mostly of small “coves” with only a few long beaches as Las Salinas, Es Cavallet and Playa den Bossa.

You will find several types of beaches in Ibiza sandy stones or rocks, like the mythical Punta Galera. Some beaches are developed for tourism, where as others are completely unspoilt and wild. There are a lot of coastline to explore but you can be sure to find something just right for your holiday if you want the action of water sports or just a quiet place to do Tai Chi.



Most of the beaches of Ibiza are perfect for snorkeling where Mediterranean marine life easily seen through the glasses, this is one of the great pleasures of experience in Ibiza so wear a mask and snorkel if you want to enjoy the Ibiza underwater.

Another major characteristic of many beaches of Ibiza are the “bars” or beach bars, where you can buy cool drink or eat “snacks” that are perfect for a picnic lunch. These bars tend to play relaxing music which is great, while lying and enjoying the sun.
Tips Ibiza Beach

The sun is at its hottest at 2pm and for many a good time to find some shade or eat lunch spot.
If you see that nobody is swimming when you get to a beach, ask if there are jellyfish (jellyfish in Spanish), and in recent years there has been a lot, especially in small coves where they are trapped. The jellyfish or “jellyfish” exert a nasty bite that you will remember for a few days.
If you are not yet a bronzed god like creature, wear sunscreen and put it on. This will prevent people confuse with a lobster when returning from a day at the beach.
If you explore the island and find a secluded corner of the island, you will probably find that there is no place to leave your garbage, so please take it away with you.


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