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Santa Eularia – Santa Eulalia del Río

January 12th, 2015 No comments

Santa Eulalia is located on the eastern coast of the island of Ibiza. The name Santa Eulalia Des Riu came from the only river of the island. But for years and years, no water in it.

Compared to Ibiza and Sant Antoni, Santa Eulalia is characterized by its quiet environment. This small tourist station is so far from noisy places such as bars and nightclubs



to visit

– The church of Puig de Missa built in 1568 in Hill City
– Ethnological Museum Can Ros
– The beach (250 m width)
– The port


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Ibiza Ciudad – Eivissa

January 10th, 2015 No comments

Eivissa is in the south of the island, this is the administrative center of the island. The historic center is listed by UNESCO

Ibiza is one of the most picturesque city in the Mediterranean area.

The old city wall is surrounded by hosting the magnificent cathedral and the church of Santo Domingo.



The port

The port is located at the bottom of the old city, is the point of service boats to Formentera, Palma, Denia and Barcelona departure. Many restaurants and bars are located near the docks.

Sa Penya

Sa Penya is the most distinctive district of Ibiza, which acts as a tangle of streets leading out to the walls of the city, is now the ideal place for a tourist (shops, bars, restaurants …)
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Ibiza island history

December 20th, 2014 No comments

Ibiza is the third largest island of the Balearic archipelago in terms of area. Ibiza forms with Formentera Ibiza and Formentera Islands. It was the name given by the Greeks, but it means “islands of pine trees”.

Located in the ancient Phoenician Sun Road, Ibiza is located in the western Mediterranean Sea and has an area of 572 square kilometers and 200 kilometers of coastline. The highest point of the island is Atalaiassa (475 meters) and around the island you can have a total of 48 islands.



The story begins in Ibiza 1600 years BC, although not referred chronologically before the year 654 when Carthage create Ibosim, today named Eivissa, capital of the island. It is Diodorus Siculus that provides the first reference in the text on the island: “… After being named prime Sardinia, the island was called Pitiusa, due to the amount of pines in it …”

After the Carthaginian time comes Roman domination. During this period of Ibiza Town is entitled Confederate. The following five centuries are called “Dark Ages”, due to the limited information given. The island was owned by the Barbarians and the Byzantine until 711 when the Arab land on the island and call it “Yebisah”.


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