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Ibiza – A place you must visit

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Ibiza is a small island that is located on the Mediterranean Sea, where it is part of a set of Balearic Islands, is located in Spain. It is a small island with an area of 572 square km, where there is a population of 129.562 inhabitants. We can say that one of the Balearic islands, this is an island which attracts thousands of tourists every year from almost everywhere in Europe.

turismo en ibiza

One of the best animated night takes place in Ibiza where your destination is a first order. Everything is good well in this island because it has excellent beaches and truly tourist sites. Other popular things we can mention in Ibiza are electronic music, bars and pubs, which have earned over time a great international prestige and everything was for his numerous sections of music.

We can say that the atmosphere of the island Ibiza is not only holiday, there are a lot of great tourist and cultural sites. Where on earth have a very quaint atmosphere where we can say that the sports facilities are really good.

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